The connection of the band from Barreiro to India, began when Vassago, lead singer of Nightfalls, viewed and commented on Facebook, a short film of Humanitarian Action, made by the Indian actor, Varun Pruthi.


The actor has been fighting for several years against social injustice and extreme poverty that exists in his country, having been recognized worldwide for the excellent work he’s done with his awareness movies, and fundraising.

Vassago and Varun exchanged some points of view and it was requested to Nightfalls, the collaboration on campaigns that the actor proposed to launch. The band immediately embraced the idea and made available in all in their power to contribute to such a noble cause.

By Varun, Vassago met Sudhir Sharma, which was made known the work of Nightfalls.

Sudhir has become a dedicated fan of Nightfalls, having created a Facebook page named, “Nightfalls Fan Club – India” ( which has been gaining more impact and more fans, arriving in less than a month to 10.000 Likes.


The band felt a great honor to reach the ears of people so far from their country and send to Sudhir and some fans, several copies of the album “Beneath The Stars”.

The band has been approached and requested a budget for a concert in India.

Now Sudhir is trying in his country, to raise funds and find sponsors, to bring Nightfalls to play live next year in the capital of India – New Delhi.

Nightfalls answered that at this time they’re totally focused on the creation of their second CD of original songs, but do not rule out a trip and a concert for these new and devoted fans, and expect an official proposal that enables this possibility.

Sudhir Sharma, is a professor and founder of a school for children without conditions to study called TGP – The Great Person (, and if the concert takes place, a part of the income will be channeled for a contribution to the cause it defends.


At this time the page Nightfalls Fan Club – India, already has over 33,500 followers.



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